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Children need your help now. We rely entirely on voluntary donations from people like you to help children.

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Welcome to Positive Children Foundation

Welcome to Foundation for Positive Reformation of Religious Children, the home for the cultured tomorrow’s leaders, where truth and integrity becomes a benchmark for the upbringing of the infants who are the foundations for generations unborn. The FPRRC is the home for the leaders of tomorrow with well-nurtured characters that can influence Godly leadership.

We believe that attainment of good leadership in any nation of the world lies on the way and manner of the upbringing of the future leaders. If the present leaders were thoroughly nurtured as at the time they were infants, we would no doubt have a reliable leadership system that can be reckoned with any day any time.

Positive Foundation tends to correct this abnormal trend in order to have a better society with competent leadership for better standard of living obtainable from 21st century societies.

FPRRC is the place where we intend to provide within our limited capacity, the so much needed care that has eluded the common man children in Africa. This much needed care could range from; Disaster Relief, Water Treatment Projects, Medical Assistance, Unsponsored Children, Homelessness, Emergency Surgery, Extreme Poverty, Infrastructural Development and many more critical needs of the young generation.

The highly vulnerable children are not left out in our plans for reformation as we intend to build a formidable base of leadership sense and acumen that can actually stand out for recognition in the midst of the multitude.

With your wholesome support in cash and kind, we can be proud of good leaders of tomorrow right from the grass root levels as we reform our children from the infancy to what they will become in future.

You can support us today no matter how little and you will no doubt secure the future for generations yet unborn and write your name in gold on the soil of time.