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No 28 Teshie Lungua, Accra, Ghana.
Tel; +233 - 549195782


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Account Name. Positive Children Foundation.
Dollar Acct. No. 0113420156
Current Acct. No. 0113251787

Sterling Bank
Account Name: Foundation for Positive & Religious Reformation of Children.
Dollar Acct. No. 0017747513
CURRENT Acct. No. 0017746743

Call Us: +234 9080330421, +234-0-18427985, 08103165341


To be a character-focused mind building foundation of our time for effective leadership of tomorrow that enhances the betterment of our future society.

Our vision envisages of the need to have a formidable leadership that builds nations on a solid platform of mannerism. We see the need of this dispensation on the view of bad leadership which is traceable to the upbringing of the leader in question.

Every well meaning citizen would want to have a good leadership to ensure peace and tranquillity.

Your support can take us somewhere in the pursuit of this our vision. You can make your donation today.